Corel PaintShop Pro (64-Bit) X7 (64-Bit)

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User reviews for Corel PaintShop Pro (64-Bit)

  • X2 Better than X6 for me

    I like X2 a lot better. I try to resize an image on X6 and it always changes from what I have it set for. I had to go to my old computer with X2 on it in order to resize exactly like I wanted to. I... More

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  • Miss It So Much!

    Guess I was too quick on the delete button in Add/Remove Programs as somehow my Paint Shop Pro 8 disappeared. I was devastated as I quite liked it the best of any of my graphics software programs!... More

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    • 8
    Lost interest a bit

    I used to love using Paint Shop Pro and found it a very friendly program to use for creating web graphics or tinkering about with my photos. Now though I think it's a bit long in the tooth and... More

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